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Art of Creation, art is a form of activity which involves the greatest senses, talents, emotions, has a positive impact on mental state, gives an opportunity to escape from everyday life. Using Ars Creatio workshops, welcome to the world of sensations and experiences, so different from the everyday atmosphere of professional activity. Our proposals include: photography classes, culinary workshops, design, or film sessions. They all serve a better knowledge of each other, experience new form of encounter with art, and perhaps the discovery of undisclosed so far abilities and talents? Ars Creatio classes which always take place in an atmosphere of smile and fun are not only developing a great adventure, but also a good opportunity to gain extraordinary knowledge and skills.

Plein Air, construction, cooking, painting and sculpture

By the Ars Creatio we invite you to the world of professional photography. Participation in the project, during which participants are moving in the world seen from behind the camera lens, will remain an unforgettable experience. In the specially designed studio participants will carry out an unique photo session. Under the guidance of professional photographers they will be able to stage a studio portrait session using real flash (desktop) and all equipment used in the real atelier, including blinds, diffusers, etc. Our stylists and make-up artists will advise and help you become the professional model and meet the new tasks.