Tanzania - Zanzibar
Let’s get to know the beauty of tropical islands lying off the coast of East Africa. Let ourself be enchanted by a place that brings together four different cultures: African, Indian, Arab and European.

… before departure to Zanzibar we will visit one of the national parks of middle Tanzania. We will move 4x4 cars. We will go to Mikumi National Park to admire grassy spaces with grazing herd of antelopes, zebras, buffalos, wildebeests and giraffes. Warm colors of savannahs and endless number of wild animals will make the view remain a lasting memory. It will also be experience of knowledge about the laws of nature and the struggle for survival. In the evening we will go to Campu where we will eat last dinner on the continent and where we will spend the night. Next morning we will fly away from the nearly airport towards green island surrounded by the magic of colorful reefs…