Spain – Andalusia
Welcome to the land stretching to the horizon of olive groves and breathtaking gardens, where the tradition dates back to Arab and Renaissance gardens.

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…Just the first evening waits with an extraordinary event – Feria del Vino – the Festival of Wine. From the exhibition halls of Wine Musem we can start an unusual voyage, trying numerous varieties of wine, taking delight in their bouquet, knowing tones, tastes, grape types and regions of origin. An evening with typically spanish snacks – tapas, will be ended by a walk through white, narrow village streets to picturesque located hotel.

Visiting Spain cannot miss corrida. We will be guests to one of the world’s oldest corrida arenas. We will also visit Cathedral Santa Maria la Mayor, Casa Don Bosco mansion house and the Tajo Bridge. And if there is any daredevil ready to stay with mulet in front of a bull, we will give it to him!

Austria - Innsbruck
Ski resorts in the various stations of the region? TOUR D’BAR after the old Innsbruck? Dinners in a magical place with Tyrolean atmosphere? Why not?!

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… After a busy day, defeating all the Olympic ski station Axamer Lizum we back to the hotel to relax in a swimming pool. After brief relaxation in the pool we go horse-drawn carriage rides in the direction of Tyrolean farm. We will be greeted with the mulled wine there. Next, passing through the barn, we go into the inn for a special dinner, with special menus, with unique music. Sometimes it happens that the host enters the inn on horseback to greet the guests. Such attraction should not be missed ...!