GallerySouth America

Witold Gombrowicz tried to capture and present the beauty of this country, describing the amazing, boundless landscape of the Andes at Iguazu Falls. Here`s a sample day from our program which allows you to discover the uniqueness of this country.

… this day we fly to Salta La Linda ("Salta the Fair")– a place worth discovering, located beyond the “well-worn” regions of Patagonia, Buenos Aires or Iguazu. The city lays in wondrous, diversified landscape of lush green jungle, salt hills, spectacular colourful gorges and rocks. This region mixes the European culture with colonial style of South America. We will organize transfer from Salta to Cafayate and visit several incredible places in Conchas Canyon. We will find ourselves within the spectacular landscape of amazing geological forms, with their differing stone shapes, glittering with colours depending on the time of the day and the rays of sunrise or sunset. Touching this colourful world of Earth’s wonders will be possible after entering one of the canyons, to participate in this magic of colors. Next we will walk up the river to swim in the canyon surrounded by large rock walls and plants...