In colors of azulejos



A corporate event in the scenic Portugal? Why not! The distinctive Portuguese cuisine, music reverberating every day among the streets of Alfama, a glass of good wine and relevant visuals are just a few highlights to guarantee an unforgettable party until dawn!

Pleasant and useful!



Not so long ago we had the opportunity to lead CSR project connected with an off-road expedition. Twenty-two all-terrain vehicles traversing a specially prepared path for their tour stopped in a shelter for homeless animals. The participants of the expedition made and painted kennels for dogs in need, as well as donated food supply :)

Happy Easter!



Wishing you a very Happy Easter

that is filled with plenty of love, happiness and hope!

Vitall Events Team

We want to help. Just Like That.


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Realizing CSR programs for our clients we noticed, how many people and children in need is around us and how small the field of action have the individual. To increase the effectiveness of actions for those, who need support and help, along with some friends we decided to set up a Children's Aid Foundation "Tak Po Prostu" ("Just Like That"), which supports children of the house "Chance" in Kosewo.
We invite you to visit the foundations website (, as well as to like its fanpage (

Autumnal meetings


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October conferences have something magical - colorful autumn forest surrounding the hotel, chilly evenings, during which is even more pleased to spend time in the cozy restaurant with a good wine or tea, brisk, foggy mornings ... There is no longer the heat of summer and cold winter has not yet come. No wonder it's one of the favorite months of the year to organize trainings.
For almost two weeks we escaped from the world with a group of managers to the hotel in the middle of the Silesian forest that we had exclusively to ourselves. And though this time was filled to the brim with trainings, courses and workshops, we found some time to show our foreign guests Krakow with its most beautiful side. Relatively low temperature did not cool down moods of participants, and the fog was very photogenic :)

Unconventional motivational training


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A good employer knows, that it is worth investing not only in the tools, equipment and innovation, but also in the people who create the company from scratch and are an integral part of it. For such circumstances, we have prepared a special program of interpersonal workshops and training, which we recently realized for one of our clients.
Two days of company meeting has been carefully planned and built around the word "WE".
The training program included workshops, during which participants jointly created photos to the corporate calendar for 2015. Working in groups, they have the opportunity to strengthen bonds and friendships, recall that "I" is part of "WE" and one without the other does not exist.
The second day of training has passed under the theme of self-improvement and the search for passion in life. The group met with people who, despite of adversity, draw from life as much as possible; with people who their passion not only live and infect others, but also change it on the real help those in need. These meetings were designed to show that the work can be passion and vice versa, that in every area of ​​life you can find some positives. And most of all - that there is no problem that cannot be solve.
The meeting was a success. We believe that the newly acquired knowledge and skills will soon bring the expected results.

Vitall at Freedom Charity Run


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Another beautiful weekend ahead of us, and we recall the previous one. :)
Last Sunday, the representation of our agency participated in
Poznan stage of  Freedom Charity Run.
This run, organized 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, was the initiative of Mariusz Szeiby and Darius Wcisło from Poznań and Ludwig Schlereth from Berlin, belonging to a charitable organization of Lions Club. The entire
run route had 621 km from Gdansk to Berlin, running along the way by several cities of Wielkopolska and Lubuskie.
Income from voluntary contributions will be donated to the children and young people from Ukraine, who lost their fathers during the battles on the Maidan.

Great fun and a good cause


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Holiday inexorably coming to an end, summer is slowly leaving us for two weeks now, and we started the new season of integration meetings last Wednesday with a charity accent event.
Group of sales representatives of the pharmaceutical industry took part in a unique CSR program. Competing in several agility and logical competitions, they completed five bikes that will be passed to children from the orphanage.
We encourage everyone to this form of corporate event!

Polish-Finnish friendship continued


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Last year we have participated in the organization of the Air & Motor Show Live in Helsinki, where the biggest attraction was the FMX backflip over flying Extra 300 SR. Emotions and adrenaline at the highest level. But - as is known - the adrenaline is addictive and requires more and more. So we started to think ...

On the last weekend of June in Lappeenranta, a city in south-eastern Finland, was held a special automotive event. Within three days of the Unlimited Racing Festival, supercars, Formula 3, Nascar, ATV, Crosskarts, FMX stunts and Fouga aircraft shows was watched by tens of thousands of spectators. However, nothing aroused so much emotion as new - crazy! - project.

Challenge: car jump over flying plane
Main Cast: Martin Sonka - Extra 300 SR, Marek Rejman - Mini Cooper One

You can come up with a jump in the second, but plan it so that it went, is a completely different matter.

The preparations took months, jump trajectory was calculated with mathematical precision. To overcome the 12 m gap from the kicker to the landing, the car had to move at the speed of exactly 51 km/h. The difference of 2-3 km would have terminate evolution of the car on the hull of a passing plane. To achieve the required speed, measurements were made for 1.5 h in cooperation with the Finnish police. Emotions were so great, that the expected 51 was not always on the Marek Rejmans counter. And this was just the beginning ...

Martin Sonka had equally demanding task - to fit more than eight-meter wide Extra 300 SR in the space of 12 m. Flying less than 2 meters above the ground. At a speed of 180 km/h. And in the perfect time, when the Mini One will be at the peak of the trajectory of the jump. Simple, is not it? :)

Conducted one test without a plane. The jump was successful, landing hard. Also ended the life of one of the two Mini Coopers, which were designed for this project. During landing The forces acting on the car were so big that today it is suitable only for car museum, as evidence of the project.

So we have only one car. One - the final - attempt. The adrenaline - unmeasurable.

And ... DONE! We made it! The first car jump over flying plane was a success!

Perfect synchronization in time. Barely more than 1.5 meters between the ramp structure and the wings of an airplane. Mini hanging rear wheels 4 m above the ground. You simply have to see IT!

But adrenaline wants more ... what will be next year? :)

Sport & beauty


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Each of us wants to look young, beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, in such a busy life we ​​have less and less time for taking care of ourselves. Why not use a scheduled staff meeting to improve not only fitness, but also look?

The annual staff meeting this time took a very active character. Party tent on the beach we switched in a professional gym with treadmills, bikes, trickboards, balls and lots of other equipment. The program was developed specifically for the professional group that represented the participants to respond perfectly to the needs of everyone. Exercises conducted the best coaches in Poznan, participants and winner of many sporting events.

Sport was not the only part of improving the condition and appearance. The team of professional hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists took care of the appearance. During the one-of-a-kind "Beauty Workshops", each of the participants could not only learn a lot of useful things about broadly understood style, but also go through a remarkable metamorphosis, which culminated at the photo session. Each of the ladies felt like a real model.

And it all began in the evening of the previous day, during the inaugural cruise on the lake, combined with a barbecue dinner and DJ party.

In the country of beer and chocolate


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Belgium - the country inconspicuous in terms of area, large, due to their role in the European Union. Geographically close to us, yet we know so little about the history and culture. And for this reason, Belgium has become the theme of a prestigious banquet organized by our agency.

All elements of the meeting were more or less related to this very interesting country. Guests tried Belgian fries, mussels and a rabbit in a dark beer. They had the opportunity to personally prepare pralines from the best Belgian chocolate and watch the show tempering chocolate and strawberry decoration, while at the stand with Belgian beers to find out what is the best beer in the world and try dozens of different brands.

The special guest of the banquet was Jean Bos, a longtime chef of the King of Belgium, one of the most successful chefs in the world. During the live cooking show, he prepared with the help of a few guests, favorite dish of King Baldwin I - tenderloins in beer sauce with dumplings.

The end of the official part of the evening was a concert of jazz music inspired by Belgian performers, full of surprises and original arrangements, and after the concert, guests enjoyed a night during the DJ party.

Happy Easter!



On the occasion of Easter,
time spent with your family,
full of peace, joy and rest,


Vitall part of D1 Ultimate-GT team



Pleased to announce that we are part of D1 Ultimate-GT team :)

D1 Ultimate-GT organizes luxury driving holidays and once in a lifetime ultimate supercar driving events. These events are exclusive five star driving events. D1 Ultimate-GT mission is to unite man and his ultimate machine in ways you have never experienced before. Our passion is to find new unforgettable roads to drive, exciting places to visit, people to meet on the way and of course to listen to that V10 rumble.

When you come on one of D1 Ultimate-GT trips everything will be taken care of for you so you can enjoy the driving and the stunning luxury destinations. You are not buying a DIY trip, road atlas and pre-booked hotels you will be guided by us all the way. We lead the way in our Lamborghini Gallardo leaving you the job of enjoying a hassle free trip and keeping up with the lead car!

New Year's battery charging


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How to start well the new year in the company? Perhaps with a successful meeting to summarize the past and recharge your batteries for the new one?

70 members of one of the largest transport and logistics companies in Poland met at the two-day conference at the luxurious four-star hotel in Silesia. Surrounded by peace and quiet snowy forest, beyond the intensive business training, they took part in the exceptional photography workshops that result - except learning new skills in the field of the arts - a company calendar that throughout the year will remind the participants of the event. In the evening the hotel turned into a Spanish hacienda, where among red flowers and fans, guests actively participated in the preparation of paella, wine tasting and a concert of Spanish flamenco show with spontaneous dance.

The batteries charged during this hot evening surely will allow for a long and effective work. :)

Christmas Meetings with wine and... light


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December is always a very busy month. This is the time of Christmas corporate meetings, summaries, changes in the structures of companies. As every year  we organized a special Christmas meetings, which - we hope - the participants will remember for a long time.

During the first one, for the Management Board, directors and CEOs of one of the largest construction companies in the world we organized a attractive wine workshops which, thanks to the highest quality and an interesting program, still enjoy unflagging popularity and interest among customers.

The second one, small meeting for HR directors, took place in charming small palace near Warsaw. The leading attraction were unique workshops, during which participants personally created stained glass picture, which was then handed to unsuspecting one of the ladies as a farewell gift. The smell of Christmas trees, carols in the background, lots of emotions ... all this made that the meeting was held in a truly festive, magical atmosphere.

Magical Christmas!


 In this magical time, 
when every smile becomes a small miracle 
inspiring good deeds, 
We wish you a Christmas filled with joy, 
carrying peace and rest
New Year meets all the dreams,
full of optimism, happiness and success.
Vitall team 

Autumn meeting with wine and jazz


photo photo photo
Could there be a more beautiful place for a autumn business meeting than a nineteenth-century manor located in a picturesque park in Lesser Poland? Certainly it would be difficult to find a more suitable place.

The main goal of the meeting was integration - strengthen the ties among co-workers to get to know better, befriending. Integration through fun, as well as workshops, which can reach interesting knowledge, difficult to obtain individually.

Manor was the site of wine workshops, which in an unusual way introduce  participants to the world of wines and cheeses. Through interesting competitions, presentations and tasting each of them found out what flavors can be found in wine, how the best blue cheeses are created, as well as how to behave like a professional wine taster (even being a total layman) :)

On the second day of the meeting we spent the afternoon in Krakow, where in the underground jazz club we were all dragged into a real jam session with professional musicians. Using instruments from around the world we played concert that is not ashamed to professional jazz group.

Eventful day ended in a Jewish restaurant with a homely atmosphere tasted traditional Jewish specialties.

Hot Spanish night ... in the middle of the Wielkopolska forest


photo photo photo

 Can you, in the middle of the forest Wielkopolska, slowly preparing for the autumn color change, create a true Spanish fiesta? Of course you can! (but only with us :))


Spanish banquet, full of red fans and flowers, the smell of saffron and olive oil, energy, castanets rhythm  taped out by beautiful dancers was a culmination of the anniversary of cooperation the two largest companies in the financial sector.
Evening was preceded by a unique workshops, engaged almost all the senses, which, in an interesting way, introduced participants to the world of wines and cheeses.


Bikes 4 children


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Charity events are very close to us. And they most enjoy us if we manage to catch the enthusiasm of others :)
Bikes 4 children is an exceptional event, involving not only the individual but also the entire group. This combination of team building and CSR, the outcome of which caused wide smiles on children's faces.

Through play, competition and contests group of workers of one of Poznan's companies won the modern bikes, which then donated to children from an orphanage in Kołaczkowo.

Extreme Mud Expedition :)


photo photo photo

Riddle: What comes out of a combination of Wielkopolska wilderness after heavy rains, densely overgrown forests, maps and puzzles? Of course, extreme off road! :)

Perfect conditions - intense rain showers, warming sun and tons of mud on the road. The expedition set off seven off road cars from Kiekrz for over 160 km long trip around the Wielkopolska, effectively bypassing any civilized way.

Participants not only tested their driving skills, but also the muscles (pulling the car out of the mud), orientation (reading maps and roadbooks) and intellect (stacking puzzle to get the necessary guidance route). It's all consisted of for the main purpose of the expedition - to show a group cause and effect relationship in unusual form, where consistency, diligence and cooperation in carrying out the tasks lead to success.

The expedition ended in a stylish four-star hotel on Lake Kierskie for gourmet dinner.

Sierakow Trathlon 2013 - our participation


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Broadly defined sports activity is very close to us - not only during the implementation of projects for our clients, but also in everyday life.

We informed earlier that our agency has become an official partner of Poznan Triathlon 2013. In the meantime, we have supported the Organizer of Sierakow Triathlon.

Sierakow Triathlon, which successfully attended our representative, was held on 1-2 June 2013. Now we're counting down the time to participate in the Poznan Triathlon - August 4, 2013 by the Malta Lake in Poznan.

Air & Motor Show Live - completed!


photo photo photo

May was the month of many implementation for us of which without a doubt the largest and the most difficult logistically was the Air & Motor Show Live in Helsinki.

Dozens of supercars from around the world, amazing FMX acrobatic shows, almost 10,000 audience, and for the first in Finland Berggren-Sonka show - Backflip over flying Extra 300 SR!

Words will not give climate of the event - the image will do the best. Take a look at the clip summarizing the whole event!


Paris, Paris...


photo photo photo

Paris is a city of many faces. Some of them we have tried to reveal by organizing a banquet for one of our clients.

During this remarkable journey we were in a French restaurant, tasting delicious dishes, cheeses and wines, in the climatic club from the 40s, listening to a recital of Edith Piaf songs performed by Justyna Szafran - one of the most talented actor's songs performers to end the evening at the famous Moulin Rouge and among feathers and sequins, and the rhythm of the can-can start the party, which lasted until dawn!

Vitall coorganizer of Air & Motor Show Live in Helsinki


photo photo

Our extensive experience in the organization of automotive mass events has been recognized also abroad, and even by the sea :)

Along with D1 Ultimate-GT and Top Gear Suomi for past few months we are working hard on the organization of the Air & Motor Show Live, which will be held in Helsinki on May 18 and will feature the 75th Malmi airport anniversary.

In the program the highest dose of adrenaline, you can only imagine - an amazing stunt shows on the ground and in the air, supercars, Formula 1, superbikes and air shows. You can not miss that! :)

For more information, please visit the website and fanpage of the show and our facebook as well. Details of the event coming soon so stay tuned! :)

Happy Easter!



Full of peace and hope Easter holidays,
a good rest with your family
and truly spring mood

Merry Christmas!



Warm Christmas in the joy and peace
and New Year
full of adventures, satisfaction
and professional success

Vitall partner of Poznan Triathlon!



..."Emotions associated with ambitious projects motivate us and create our lives"....

Poznan Triathlon, organized by Endu Sport is an event, which we supported from the beginning.

We received with satisfaction an invitation to the group of partners of the event, responsible for the logistics and organization. We are pleased that the relationships built over the years with Endu Sport resulted in trust and faith in our competence. Certainly participation in Poznan Triathlon will be, in terms of organization, a priority project for us.

Follow Poznan Triathlon on facebook!

Recipe for successful integration


photo photo photo

It is widely known that the best recipe for a full health and long life is physical and intellectual effort.

How to implement such a recipe during the an
integration meeting?

We take
logical play seasoned with competitions that require outdoor exercise and mix vigorously with outdoor activities in a new release. All this on the basis of the lovely palace near Warsaw, with extensive green areas. Participants were pretty shaken, but not at all mixed, quite the contrary - developed a taste for the proposed attractions. :)

Et voila! Perfect integration meeting is ready!

Domino Day...


photo photo photo

... how to use the laws of physics in the event of a Team Building, while building most original chain reaction track! With a variety of items: balloons with helium, pvc pipes, paper, plastic cups, blocks for children and hundreds of other, project participants, divided into groups made ​​up subsequent stages of "Einstein Machine".

Using the incredible commitment and creativity they constructed a circuit composed of several elements, which in the end allowed a chain reaction until the surprising and enthusiastic final. The project required cooperation not only within groups but also between them, so that each of the elements of machines fit together perfectly, and the progressive reaction has not been disturbed.

"Einstein Machine" project turned into great fun with elements of interpersonal communication, creative thinking and enthusiasm of all of its participants. The whole project supervised a team of professional trainers.

Another successful VSR!


photo photo photo

Thanks to the invitation from the the Organiser of Verva Street Racing, we took part in this exciting event for the third time. This time, together with our British partner, we have created a team that made ​​an impression not only in the paddock, but also during dynamic drives. At this year's automotive project we presented an international  team of Vitall/D1 Ultimate-GT, part of which included, among others:

  • Lamborghini Galardo - D1 Team Lead, used in Arctic Ice Driving School in Lapland conducted by D1 and four-time World Champion in rallying - Juha Kankunen
  • Lamborghini Galardo Twin Turbo with power 1046 HP
  • Lamborghini Galardo Nera Limited - one of the 185 units ever produced
  • Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640
  • Lamborghini Galardo LP 540-4
  • Lamborghini Aventador - from June 2012

Our team consisted of partners from England, Scotland and Sweden, was also supported by our guests from Brazil, who took part in the event with Audi R8.

For a broader look at photo relation of the event please visit our facebook profile.

Fierce competition at speed of... 60 km/h


photo photo photo

The roar of the engine directly behind the driver. Helmet on his head. Hands on the steering wheel. 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... GO!
Start with a screech of tires. Instant overtaking opponents. Turn after turn. The first lap. Second. Already you can see the finish line... The next player in the "starting blocks" ... Change!
Can you imagine a greater dose of excitement, than during the contest on karting track? The final relay was just the icing on the cake, the culmination of day-long competition in several categories - driving in alko goggles, slalom with a ball on the mask of Polonez, cross karting and F1 simulators. And like in real race, there was a podium, diplomas and rain of champagne. No one from more than 70 participants had desire to go back to the hotel.
Integration activities
on karting track were training program's complements during the prestigious weekly conference in a charming nineteenth-century palace near Warsaw.

Vitall partner of D1 Ultimate-GT!


photo photo

We are pleased to announce that Vitall formally began working with D1 Ultimate-GT and is its Polish partner.

D1 Ultimate-GT organizes exclusive supercars events around the world. D1 offer is directed to corporate and individuals
clients. From now on Arctic driving school run by the multiple World Champion in rallying, gaining the South Pole by all-terrain vehicles or a trip to the Grand Prix F1 to Austin in the U.S. will also be available for Polish supercars enthusiasts.

More information and programs details coming soon!

Great adrenaline, great heart


photo photo photo

Was supposed to be hard, was to be a long time, was to be unpredictable. And it was!

For one of our clients, we designed a 140-kilometer off-road expedition on pathless tracts of Wielkopolska, which ended happily after more than nine hours of driving. In addition to the happy satisfaction of achieving our goal we have also achieved success implementing CSR project, supporting one of the Wielkopolska animal shelters in Przyborówko.

Extreme integration :)


photo photo photo

Stuck in the mud at its request or deliberately drive into a giant puddle are the favorite childhood games. And because in every adult resides a child, is not surprising that they also love to get dirty sometimes. :)

Extreme off-road on wetlands and floodplains was an opportunity to test your skills as a driver. With elevated level of adrenaline in the blood had to make decisions quickly, change gears, speed up, slow down ... The ground under the wheels changed with each meter, sometimes you could even check if the path can be overcome. If someone could get with such obstacles, none of the Polish roads will be a challenge for him!

The extension of our business


After a period of rehearsals and preparations we achieved desired effect, which results in the establishment of a group Vitall Media Production.

We created a team of professionalsfor whom film production is not only professional activity but also a challenge and a everyday passion.

Have a look at one of the last of our implementation:

Quest for fire and... soup :)


photo photo photo

Residents of the urban jungle struggle every day with many obstacles: traffic, broken ATM, no coffee in the company's kitchen. It's hard to imagine that just 20 km out of town these problems will seem quite exotic, because it will have to come face to face with ... nature.

A group of managers faced a challenge: light a fire, build a raft, transport fire to the island and cook a meal for everyone. Seemingly simple, but when removed a little thing, such as matches, the task skips to a higher level.

A moment of rest before the next task ... and start the cooking class. Under the supervision of the chef, a true lover of food, the participants prepared a traditional dinner of Great Poland, consisting of such dishes as Poznan's dzybdzałki or gzik with potatoes.

The whole event took place in a charming property which each visitors left with a real regret.

In the rhythm of flamenco


photo photo photo

Spanish fiesta in the middle of the forest? With our agency, everything is possible!

Andalusia - home of olives, wine and flamenco - was the theme of culinary journey, organized in one of the Wielkopolska's hotels. Participants of the meeting had the unique opportunity to try gazpacho, cocido, and truest paella, which all has been live prepared with ingredients imported from the Andalusia on this special occasion. Andalusian wine and olive oil completed the work.

But that's not all! The meeting was celebrated with performances of Exceptional Guest from Spain and one of the best flamenco groups in Poland, which warmed up the participants so that the party lasted until dawn!

Paris, Paris...


photo photo photo

What could be more beautiful than Paris in the spring?

This is one of our favorite places, where we come back with pleasure, not only privately but also with our Clients.

Happy Holidays! :)



Warm, full of smile and joyful hope Easter
and sunny meetings
with nature awakening to life


Ski season is over! :)


photo photo photo

The ski season we finished in one of the most beautiful sites in Europe.

Five days of skiing on the slopes, relax in the sauna
and in the evenings a sumptuous dinners at local restaurants with the power of folklore attractions. Within the trip we also visited a a sports car museum and thermal spa.

For such escapade
we'll take every Client with pleasure!

Prestigious corporate seminar


photo photo

Nineteenth-century palace for exclusive, quiet neighborhood, excellent home-cooking - perfect conditions for a week of corporate seminar.

We took a comprehensive service of international conference, held at historic palace near Warsaw. Specially arranged conference room with professional equipment, full logistics of transfers from the airport by luxury cars, coach tour to Warsaw with dinner at the prestigious restaurant - these are just some of the tasks faced by our agency. And even a sudden attack of winter was not able to thwart our plans. :)

New Year's provisions



Our provisions for 2012:

1. Surprise with creativity.
2. Realize new ideas.
3. Propose extraordinary solutions.
4. Take Clients to the places that will love.
5. Provide an unforgettable experience.
6. Develop in others new passions and interests
7. Smile every day! :)

Control of the implementation is very welcome! :)

Simulating allowed :)


photo photo photo
Pre-Christmas business meetings are not only gingerbreads, gifts or extreme off-road. For those who love hardcore drive, but pulling the car out of the mud not very much, we organized a competition at the top level.
Participants took part in the Formula 1 Cup in several categories, such as driving simulators that responded to movement and vibration during each maneuver, the wheel changing position and the racetrack with an area of ​​over 60 sqm!
The competition was fierce, and the level very even. Interestingly, what ladies enjoyed the most was a F1 wheel changing position. Such skills will be useful in everyday life. :)

Merry Christmas!


White Christmas, scented with Christmas tree and gingerbread, with snow creaking under the boots, spent in a warm, family atmosphere;

Christmas giving joy, rest and hope for a prosperous New Year, full of dreams and realized projects.

Vitall team

Remarkable company meeting


photo photo photo

Ranch, forest, mud, speed and engine roar - a recipe for an unusual corporate Christmas Eve of maximum dose of adrenaline!

Participants of the meeting was attended in the off-road
rally in the forests of the Zielonka National Park. Off-road vehicles traveled a few dozen kilometers route from embankments and ditches, riding slalom between the trees, and even sink in the mud. Hand in Hand pulled out of the muddy road cars, almost drowning himself in the ankle. Success! And we continue ...

After an exciting afternoon, guests relaxion by the fireplace with a cup of mulled wine and beer. Finally sat down to gala dinner and the atmosphere created fine music played by DJ.

Christmas gifts workshops


photo photo