About us

For years, we carry out a comprehensive organization of events. We are characterized by more than 20 years of experience, dynamism and responsibility, creativity and innovation, commitment and positive emotions.

Our offer is directed to corporate clients. Its unconventional solutions are the result of joint consultations and realization of mutual expectations.

Our proposal is comprehensive, which is a guarantee of comfort and safety.

Our commitment and creativity arise from passion in performing our tasks, as well as longstanding relationship with our partners all over the world.

Our eminent performance and the references come from many years of cooperation with agencies in the country and abroad.

Our objective is using modern motivational methods in building joint responsibility of all members, on a way to the team success.

Our success is the satisfaction of constantly growing number of our clients, as we:

  • respect different views and opinions
  • listen to the others, we are open to their suggestions
  • are enthusiastically open-mindedare enthusiastically open-minded
  • love what we do - we still seek new solutions and areas for our action
  • believe that the key to success is the sum of all experiences

We also invite you to use our experiences in realisation of CSR projects (Corporate Social Responsibility)